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MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is a two-component flexible waterproofing mortar, based on liquid acrylic resins (Component A) and special cements, additives and well-graded aggregates (Component B), with very fast curing which allow the tiling with ceramic after 2 hours drying-time.

  • Urgent waterproofing of roofs, terraces, balconies and other outdoor areas under tiling.
  • Rapid waterproofing under tile in bathrooms, changing rooms, shower trays, kitchens and other indoor wet areas in hotels, residential buildings, offices, health centres, etc.
  • Waterproofing under tiles or render mortars in swimming-pools.
  • Waterproofing and protection of basements, elevator pits and other structures subject to indirect hydrostatic pressure conditions.
  • Rapid waterproofing and protection of surfaces exposed to aggressive waters and/or soil salts in planters, green areas, foundations, retaining walls, etc., when are below the water table.
  • Suitable to be covered after 2 hours drying-time with ceramic tiles or with cement mortars, screeds, etc.
  • Provides a flexible waterproofing coat with crack-bridging capability.
  • Permeable to water vapour, allows the substrate to breath.
  • Suitable to be applied on wet substrates.
  • Excellent adhesion on concrete, brick, tiles, stone, cement mortar, prefabricated block, etc. No primer or bonding agent is required.
  • Easy manual application: brush or broom.
  • Environmental friendly, solvent-free and suitable for working areas with bad ventilation.
Surface preparation

Substrate must be structurally sound, firm, without cement laitance and as uniform as possible, and preferably with a slight roughness, i.e. open textured surface. Surface must be clean and free of efflorescence, loose particles, grease, oils, curing agents, form release agents, dust, organic growth or any other contaminants that may affect to adhesion. For cleaning and substrate preparation, preferably in case of smooth and/or poorly absorbent substrates, use sand blasting or high pressure water cleaning methods, not being desirable aggressive mechanical means.

Any damage or concrete defect, i.e. honeycombs, voids, and non-active cracks, once opened and routed to a minimum depth of 2 cm in depth, must be repaired with a suitable structural repair mortar such as MAXREST (Technical Bulletin No. 4), or MAXPLUG® (Technical Bulletin No. 4) in case water is present. Exposed steel bars or other metal elements must be cleaned and passivated with MAXREST® PASSIVE (Technical Bulletin No. 12), while non-structural and surface iron elements must be cut to a depth of at least 2 cm and then covered with MAXREST®

To reduce damages caused by salt crystallization from the substrate, apply Efflorescence RID and SEALTIGHT. See specification.

Once substrate has been prepared, and prior to MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS application, saturate plenty of water the entire surface to be coated, avoiding the formation of puddles. Allow excess water to drain away, and then start the application once the surface acquires a matte appearance. If it gets dry, proceed to saturate it with water again.


MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is supplied as two pre-weighed components. Pour 3/4 parts of the liquid resin, Component A, into a clean container and add the powder gradually, Component B, while mixing with a low speed mixing drill (400-600 rpm). Mix for about 2 to 3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture free of lumps is achieved. Pour all the remaining liquid resin and mix until eliminate lumps. Do not add water and keep liquid/powder ratio as per the packaging supplied.

Depending on existing temperature and R.H. climate conditions, pot life expected will be about 30 minutes. In order to keep the workability of the fresh mixture, mix it briefly again from time to time but never add more resin or water.


 For the best coverage and thickness control MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is applied with a fibre type brush MAXBRUSH or fibre broom MAXBROOM . Apply two coats in perpendicular direction with a recommended consumption from 1,0 to 1,5 kg/m2 per coat, for a total consumption from 2,0 to 3,0 kg/m2. Once spread the coating, do not over work it with the brush or brush.Provide a continuous fresh coating with uniform thickness of 1,0 – 1,5 mm approximately, being important to avoid extending it very thin like paint or with a higher consumption than recommended.

Minimum waiting time between coats is at least 30-60 minutes and at most 24 hours. If a smooth surface is desired, the second coat can be pressed slightly with a metal trowel immediately after its application and while it is still fresh,

Critical points subject to movements such as cracks, cold joints, corners and other outstanding points, once repaired and sealed, are waterproofed by applying a first coat of MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS with a consumption of 1,5 kg/m2 and reinforced with the fibreglass mesh MAX MESH placing a strip width of not less than 20 cm width on to fresh coat. Finally, a second coat of MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is applied with a consumption of 1,5-2,0 kg/m2.

Application conditions

Avoid application if rain is expected within the first 24 hours. The working temperature range is from 5°C to 40°C. Do not apply at substrate and/or ambient temperatures below 5°C or if lower temperatures are expected within 24 hours after application. Do not apply on frozen or flooded surfaces.

Applications at hot temperatures (> 30 ºC) with direct sunlight and/or with windy conditions, ensure surface is saturated plenty of water prior to application.


All tools must be cleaned with water after use. Once it dries, it can only be removed by mechanical methods.

Do not apply using rollers.
Mixing ratio of 2.5 Kg powder to 1 litre Liquid, do not add water, cement, admixtures, sand or any other compound.
In case of doubt related to the kind of Liquid or other products likely to be in contact with MAXSEALFLEX EXPRESS NOT specified in this TDB Consult our Technical Department.

For extreme situations requiring full 4 bar positive and 1.5 bar

Negative waterproofing Apply two coats, using 1 – 1,5 kg/m2 of MAXSEAL FLEX EXPRESS per coat and allow a minimum of 16 hours and a maximum of 3 days between applications. Prior to application thoroughly wash down and saturate the surface, but do not leave free standing water. Thickness per layer should be 1 mm. approximately, it is very important to avoid very thin or, thick application. WET surface again prior to application of second coat. For all other waterproofing both positive/negative an application achieving a yield of 2 coats finish at 20m2 per Kit (35 Kg) is recommended

In those areas such as fissures, concrete joints and active cracks should be sealed using Maxjoint Elastic, once repaired and sealed, MAXSEAL FLEX EXPRESS should be applied with a fibre glass mesh of 40-60 g/m2.

 Estimated consumption for MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is about 1,0-1,5 kg/m2 per coat, for a total consumption of 2,0-3,0 kg/m2 in two coats.

In case of reinforcing with glass fibre mesh MAX MESH  total consumption for two coats is about 3,5 kg/m2.

These figures are for guidance only, and may vary depending on porosity, texture, substrate conditions and application method. Perform a preliminary test on-site to ascertain the total consumption exactly under jobsite conditions.


MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is supplied in two component pre-weighed set of 7 kg and 35 kg respectively. Available in grey colour.


Both components MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS are non-toxic, but powder component is an abrasive compound. Avoid eye and skin contact for both components. Protective rubber gloves and safety goggles must be used during application. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water but do not rub. In case of skin contact, wash affected areas with water and soap. If irritation persists, seek medical assistance.

Safety Data Sheet of MAXSEAL® FLEX EXPRESS is available by request.

Disposal of the product and its empty packaging must be made by the final user and according to official regulations.

Product characteristics
General appearance and colour for component A Milky white liquid
General appearance and colour for component B Grey powder
Density for component A, (g/cm3) 1,05 ± 0,05
Density for component B, (g/cm3) 1,35 ± 0,10
Density for fresh mortar, (g/cm3) 1,50 ± 0,10
Application and curing conditions
Minimum application temperature for substrate and ambient, (°C) > 5
Pot life at 20 °C & 50 % R.H., (min) 30
Minimum waiting time between coats at 20 °C & 50 % R .H., (min) 30-60
Curing time at 20 °C & 50 % R.H., (h)
- Mechanical load: covering with gravel, renders, plasters, tiles
Cured product characteristics
Depth of penetration of water under direct pressure, EN 12390-8 (kPa/ATM) 400 / 4
Depth of penetration of water under indirect pressure, EN 12390-8 (kPa/ATM) 150 / 1,5
Tensile strength, UNE 53510 (MPa) >1,0
Elongation at break, UNE 53510 (%) >40
Adhesion on concrete at 28 days, ASTM D4541 (MPa) 1,5
Consumption per coat/total application, (kg/m2) 1,0-1,5 / 2,0-3,0
Product Drizoro - Maxseal Flex Drizoro -  FLEX M Drizoro -  FLEX- EXPRESS
BRICKS yes yes yes
MASONRY/BLOCKS/Lightweight yes yes yes
Concrete, decks,roofs, under tiles yes yes NO
Watercontainment,swimming pools, retention tanks, drinking water tanks yes yes yes
Shotcrete yes yes yes
Permanent Formwork(Dincel, rediwall) yes yes NO
BELOW GROUND negative pressure yes yes yes
Cement based Yes Yes Yes
Number of components 2 1 2
Pimer required? No NO no
Number of coats 2 2 2
Can paint, tile/render over, Yes yes Yes
Crack bridging Up to 3.0mm >0.5mm (A3) Up to 2.5mm
Application Brush, spray or trowel Brush, spray or trowel Brush,spray or trowel
Colour Grey & white Grey & white Grey
waterproof yes yes yes
Drinkingwater approved AS/NZS 4020 AS/NZS 4020 no
elongation at break >55% >55% >40%
fire proof yes yes yes
UV stable yes yes yes
PACK SIZE 35kg 22 kg 35 kg
Price per pack (average) $336.00 $215.00 $336.00
Coverage 2 coats 20m2 per pack                2kg/m2-maximum 11m2 per pack                2kg/m2 20 m2 per pack 2 coats
Price per square mtr finished $16.80 $19.50 $16.80
WARRANTY 10 years 10 years 10 years