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MAXQUICK ROLL is a polymer modified mortar, supplied in powder form. Once mixed with water, produces a decorative coating that is easily placed in a single layer with good waterproofing performance.

  • Protection against weathering and for waterproofing of concrete, cementitious renders, concrete blocks, natural stone and brick.
  • Decorative protection of walls, partition walls and other vertical elements.
  • Appropriate for interior and exterior applications.
  • To provide a waterproof seal under decorative renders.
  • To provide a seal against rising damp, especially in brick/block fencing.
  • Waterproof against rainwater and permeable to water vapour.
  • Decorative. Applied using a brush or roller, an attractively textured coating can be obtained.
  • Single component. Only requires water for preparing the mix.
  • Applied in a single layer. Excellent coverage and savings in man-hours.
  • Long lasting and low maintenance. Cleaned with water, with or without pressure.

Preparation of the surface: The surface to be coated with MAXQUCK ROLL must be perfectly clean and free from grease, oils, fungus, paints or algae. Also the substrate must structurally sound. Areas or loose elements must be eliminated mechanically or by sandblasting. Before applying MAXQUICK ROLL, a final washing of the substrate will be done to eliminate dust and dirt and to dampen it, nonetheless in the moment of application no water should remain on the surface.

Any cracks, honeycombs, defects or damages of the substrate repair using MAXREST, MAXRITE, MAXRITE 500 or 700, or MAXPLUG.


MAXQUICK ROLL is mixed only with clean water, requiring between 24% and 28% by weight of the product, depending on the ambient conditions. The average amount recommended is about 25%, which is equivalent to 6.25 litres of water per 25 kg of MAXQUICK ROLL. The amount of mixing water should remain constant to prevent problems of different shades in the coating.

Mixing can be done mechanically or by hand. For manual mixing, add part of the water to the powder and mix with the trowel until obtaining a lump free, homogeneous mixture. Allow it to rest for about 10 minutes and mix again adding the rest of the water if necessary until obtaining the proper consistency. When mixing by mechanical means, add gradually the powder to the water and mix with a low speed mixer (400 – 600 r.p.m) until obtaining a lump free, homogeneous mix. Allow the mix to rest for two minutes, after which application can begin.


During the application, the substrate must be and kept damp.

A dry substrate causes the premature loss of the mixing water for the MAXQUICK ROLL without the setting having taken place.

The application can be done using a fine haired brush, roller or mortar spraying machine. A single coat is applied ensure to cover the surface completely. In case a second coat is needed, it can be applied between 12 to 24 hours after the application of the first one.

Tools are cleaned with water immediately after the application.

Precautions during application and curing

If ambient conditions of temperatures above 25ºC, dryness or wind are present, some precautions during the first 6 hours should be taken to favour the curing, such as protection against the wind. It is also advisable to lightly spray the surface with water, taking care to do it in an even and careful way to avoid creating any colour difference.

Avoid also applications in areas exposed directly to the sun, because any shade on the surface may cause colour difference.

Do not apply if rain is expected in the following 4 to 6 hours after the application.

Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ºC or if there is risk of the temperatue dropping below this temperature in the following 24 hours.


25 kg. bags.

Grey or white.
Consumption is between 1.0 to 2.5 kg./m2 in a single coat.

Twelve months in its original unopened container, stored in a dry covered place, protected from frost. Do not place the bags directly on the ground.


Because of its cementitious base, avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Use rubber gloves, safety goggles and dust mask. Clean immediately with abundant clean water in case it comes in contact with the eyes or skin. If irritation persists, consult a doctor.

Mixing water (% weight / weight prod.) 24 - 28
Open time (minutes, 20 °C) 60
Maximum aggretate (mm) 0.63
Set density (gr / cm3) 1.750
Flexural strength (*) (MPa) 4.3 (7 d)
  6.5 (28 d)
Compression strength (MPa) 18.1 (7 d)
  25.3 (28 d)
Adhesion (*) (MPa) 1.68 (28 d)
Waterproofing direct pressure condition (*) (ATM) 5

(*)Data by SAIN C.V.O. S.A. Laboratory.