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MAXKOLA® FLEX is an improved cement adhesive mortar with reduced slip and extended open time (Type and class C2TE), composed hydraulic and synthetic binders, that once mixed with water provides a high performance mortar with excellent adhesion and flexibility, suitable for tiling of low porosity tiles and on non-rigidsubstrates, in both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Fixing of low porosity or non-porous
    tiles, vitrified tile, glass mosaics,  porcelain, marble, natural stone, etc. for indoor or outdoor use, on floors and walls.
  • Tiling of ceramic tiles on substrates subject to movement ssuch as facades, under floor heating systems, roofs, timber, plastic, etc.
  • Tiling on substrates subject to water im
    mersion such as swimming pools,
    fountains, water tanks, etc.
  • Very high adhesion on non-porous substrates and with good mechanical performance.
  • Good flexibility, absorbing movements from substrate due to shrinkage processes, thermaldilatations, etc.
  • Easy to use. Long open time.
  • Excellent water retention, avoids dampen thesubstrate or tiles
Surface preparation

Surfaces  must  be  structurally  sound,  clean  and free from dust, grease, paints, efflorescence, oils, demoulding  agents,  gypsum,  loose  concrete  orany  other  material  that  could  affect  the  adhesion of the product.

Substrate must be as flat as possible, with no unevenness greater than 5 mm measured with a 2meters long guide. Voids, non active-cracks and surface damages must be prepared by chipping or sandblasting up to 2 cm depth and repaired with a structural mortar such asMAXREST® or MAXRITE® 500(Technical Bulletins N.: 2 and 50, respectively). Observe a minimum curing time 24 hours before applying MAXKOLA® FLEX. Do not apply MAXKOLA® FLEX over dead, thin or delayed setting gypsum plasters.

A 25 kg bag of MAXKOLA® FLEX is mixed with from 6,5 to 7,5 litres of clean water (26-28%), according to ambient conditions and desired consistency.Add the necessary amount
of waterin a clean container and pour MAXKOLA® FLEX slowly. Mix mechanically using a low speed drills (400-600 rpm) until achieving a lump free and homogeneous paste
. Small quantities of product can also be mixed by hand. Do not mix for prolonged period nor use high-speed mixer. Allow mortar to rest for at least 5 minutes and then, remix briefly again before applying.
Only mix quantities that can be placed in 30 minutes. After this period, setting process starts and mortar losses its workability. If it is required, remix again briefly to keep its workability, but do not add more water.
Mix preparation
 MAXJOlNT ELASTlC is supplied as two pre-weighed components. Pour the res in, component A, into a clean container and add the powder gradually, Component B, while mixing with a low speed mixing drill (400 – 600 rpm), until a homogeneous mixture free of lumps is achieved. Avoid excessive mixing time and do not modify the proportions supplied between both components. Leave the mix to rest 2 minutes. Depending on relative humidity and temperature, pot life can vary between 30 – 60 minutes approximately After this time, remix to keep its workability but do not add water.
Apply MAXKOLA® FLEX in a thin layer on areas not greater than 2m2 at a time with a 6×6 mm notched trowel in order to control the application thickness and avoid the slumping of the tiles placed on vertical surfaces. Do not apply in thickness greater than 6 mm. While mortar is still fresh, place the pieces and press them with slight twisting motion, until flattening the ridges and ensuring the tile back achieves full contact with the mortar. Check the adhesion by occasionally removing a set piece and inspecting mortar transfer onto back of tile.

Allow 28 days minimum curing for newconcrete and mortars.

Do not add cements, admixtures or aggregates that may affect the mortar properties.

Observe the recommended mixing water ratio.

Remix briefly the mortar in order to keep its workability, butdo not add more water.

Do not excess the maximum thickness recommended per layer of 6mm.

The ceramic tiles must be set within the open time of the mortar, before non adhesive skin is formed on the surface of the mortar.

Double spread application is preceptive for 35 x 35 cmceramic tiles or higher dimensions andin heavy pedestrian traffic and withpronounced relief.

For further information and other uses not specified in this Technical Bulletin, consult our Technical Department.

MAXKOLA® FLEX is supplied in 25 kg bag and it is available in standard grey and white colours
Twelve months in its original unopened packaging. Store in a dry covered place, protected from direct sunlight , humidity and frost, with temperatures above 5 ºC.
MAXKOLA ® FLEX is non toxic but has abrasive compound s , so protective rubber gloves and safety goggles must be used to prepare and apply the mixture. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water, but do not rub. In case of skin contact, wash affected areas with soap and water. If irritation continues, seek medical attention.
For further information, Safety Data Sheet of MAXKOLA ® FLEX is available by request.
Disposal of the product and its empty packaging must be made by the final user and ac c ording to official regulations .

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