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(1kg, 5kg and 25 Kg pails)


 MAXPLUG ia a quick-setting cement-based mortar that instantly stops running water from cracks, holes or other openings in concrete, masonry and other substrates. It is slightly expansive and does not shrink, starts hardening in few seconds and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature. Packed in grey powder form, it only requires water f or mixing.

  • Sealing leaks instanly in concrete surfaces, solid masonry and other sound supports.
  • For emergency repairs on water pipes. For brokenpipes, MAXPLUG will even work when the pipesare under pressure.
  • Emergency plugging of gas leaks.\In connections sealing between slab and walls giving a shoulder ending, as well as in cold concrete joints.
  • Anchoring bolts and other accessories that require imm ediate use.
  • In basement, tunnels and sewers, to stop water under pressure.
  • Does not contract, or become weak due to its exotherm ic reactions.
  • It increases in volum e. Its rapid setting, three to five minutes, may be controlled , ( either sped up or slowed down) b y adding warm or cold water.
  • The setting may even be instantaneous.
  • It is the proper maintenance material for homes and industry.
  • It is not toxic when it comes into contact with drinking water.
  • Its mechanical properties are comparable to those of concrete, and in some cases even superior.
  • It sets under water.
  • It does not contain chlorides.
  • Easy to use
Surface Preparation

All cracks should have a minimum depth of 4 centimetres and an opening of 3 to 4 centimetres. Make a square-shape cut, preferably dovetail to the surface to which the material is to be applied; avoid the “V” shape. See drawing at bottom of the page. Clean the surface until it is free of all loose materials; wet the s urface if water is not pr esent at the time of application. Use MAXPLUG without force.


Mix only the amounts of MAXPLUG that can be applied in three minutes; if it is a water leak, mix only the amount of material that can be used with your hand. Use a plastic or rubber container, fill with MAXPLUG as needed, and add water slowly until it has the consistency of cement mortar. One kilogram of MAXPLUG requires 0.28 litres aprox. of water depending on weather conditions.


MAXPLUG can be applied with a trowel, a spatula or even by hand. As any abrasive material, make sure to use protective rubber gloves when applying by hand.

Leaks in cracks or joints

Once the surface has been prepared by removing the loose concrete from the crack and cutting to a depth of 5 cm, apply MAXPLUG in small amounts of material that can be applied by hand; do not pour the material in place; always use your hands.  Wait until it becomes warm before applying, immediately remove the excess material and continue until the crack is finished. Under great pressure, in tunnels and basements do not try to plug up the crack at once.

Sealing concrete slabs and walls

This is very common in basements, elevator shafts, swimming pools and water towers. Make sure there is an opening of least 2 x 3 cm, and seal it with MAXPLUG making a waterproof cove at the joint of floor and wall.

Expansion joints.

MAXPLUG, a rigid product once it has set is not the ideal material for this t ype of work since expansion joints are subject to constant movement. Nevertheless, it can used to stop water in expansion joints; after when it has dried, the expansion joint is re-made with a flexible material. (Maxjoint Elastic being the most suitable material for expansion joints)


MAXPLUG is ideal to anchor bolts and metal fixtures to concrete.

Application temperature and curing

Normal weather, MAXPLUG takes between three to five minutes to set, depending on the temperature of the product, the water and atmospheric condition. Three to five minutes setting time is for temperature in the 18 ºC to 20 ºC range.

Warm weather, when temperatures are high and MAXPLUG sets very quickly, cold water must be used to delay the setting time, allowing you time to apply the material.

In extreme cases, keep the product in the shade and add ice to the mixing water.

Tools cleaning

Ever y tool must be cleaned right away with water after being used. Once material becomes hard it can only be removed by mechanical methods.


One kilogram of MAXPLUG fills approximately 0.615-0.620 litres, depending on the amount of water used.

(1kg of MAXPLUG fills approximately 615 to 629 cubic centimeters).

MAXPLUG is supplied in 25 kg drums and 5 kg cans

In unopened containers for 12 months, when properly shipped and stored.


Use the same clean and dry trowel for taking out the product from the pack age. Do not m ix the product with other m aterials ; the mixture can modify its characteristics.

For further information, consult our Technical Department .


As any cement-based material, MAXPLUG is an abrasive product, a protective rubber gloves must used to prepare the mixture and apply it. If any of mixture gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water, but do not rub. If irritation continues, consult a doctor. For further information, consult the Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Mechanical resistance kp/cm2
30 minutes 12 38
3 days 37 225
7 days 57 362
28 days 52 407

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1kg, 5kg, 25kg