Evo Concreteclean


(5 Litres)

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EVO-CONCRETECLEAN an industrial strength concentrated fluid applied degreaser and cleaner specially formulated for industrial, commercial and residential use.
Its special non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and non-hazardous formulation with no solvents or other aggressive chemicals, allows effective cleaning without harmful effects for the environment and with no changes to the colour, appearance and texture of the substrate. 
Leaves no residue-restores “NEW LOOK”.

  • General removal of pollution stains and dirt from solid and fluid fuels, road traffic, industrial environment, etc., on concrete, brick, tiles or stone constructive elements at both urban and industrial areas.
  • Cleaning of sidewalks, drive ways new or old constructions affected by pollution.
  • Ramps, oil stained concrete, barges, car parks, gas stations, shopping centres.
  • It does not attack the surface treated.
  •  Dissolves coal deposits from combustion processes, removing them.
  • Safe for users and adjacent areas, requires only safety goggle, gloves and rubber boots NO special protection equipment.
  • Non-corrosive and non-flammable. Environmental friendly. Saves costs of hazardous classified materials for transportation.
  • Replaces aggressive acid and basic cleaners

Sweep off all loose material or remove excessive build-up of grease, carbon dust,  salts, or unsound particles from the surface to be treated to optimize the consumption of EVO-CONCRETECLEAN.


EVO-CONCRETECLEAN  by spray or roll ensuring a uniform and homogeneous coverage.
Allow EVO-CONCRETECLEAN to work on the surface for about 4-8 minutes, to deep clean the pores agitate severe spots using scrubber or Roto-clean. Power Wash the surface thoroughly with plenty of water using 2500-3000 psi.
After the cleaning process allow to dry and we recommend the application of EVO-SEAL to prevent future staining.